XBRL International

XBRL International (XII) is a not-for-profit consortium of approximately 650 companies and agencies worldwide working together to build the XBRL language and promote and support its adoption. The consortium members meet periodically in international conferences, conduct committee work regularly via conference calls, and communicate in email and phone calls throughout the week.

This collaborative effort began in 1998 and has produced a variety of specifications and taxonomies to support the goal of providing a standard, XML-based language for digitizing business reports in accordance with the rules of accounting in each country or with other reporting regimes such as banking regulation or performance benchmarking. You can read more about our history, the missions of the working groups that carry out much of the work of the organization, and the elected steering committee that sets the goals of the consortium.

Interested companies and agencies are encouraged to join the XBRL International consortium and participate in building the future of electronic business reporting.

Today companies join as members of geographic jurisdictions. A major proposed change is to support a wider direct membership model to XBRL International.

The structure of the International Steering Committee (ISC), which oversees the consortium, is shown below.  The members of the ISC and their biographies are listed on the Steering Committee page of the XBRL International website.

raas-XBRL's Daniel Roberts served as the US representative to the ISC in 2005 - 2006.

Individauls and companies should note that XBRL International is undergoing a review of its governance structures, and we expect the ISC and governance to change over the coming months.