XBRL Services

SEC-ready XBRL services

Utilizing leading edge software and our streamlined processes, we create XBRL versions of clients' 10K and 10Q filings for the client to self-file or provide to their filing agent.

We provide a cost-effective alternative to high priced filing agents, the expensive outsourced XBRL builder services, and the 'do it yourself' options that require significant external consulting support to accomplish.

XBRL Assurance

Assurance is the process of providing comfort to management on the effectiveness of controls - in this case, were the processes and controls in place to ensure quality XBRL was prepared and provided (or going to be provided) to the SEC?

While there is no requirement for external assurance, CFOs have told us about their concerns - errors reaching investors and regulators, reputational impacts, and the need to rapidly re-submit XBRL that actually matches the filed financial statements.

Where companies seek to bring XBRL fully in-house, or wish to gain an deeper understanding of XBRL for alternative projects or to expand into new markets, we provide specialized training to meet those needs.