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2011 XBRL Buyer's Guide (r2.1)

The industry endorsed XBRL Buyer's Guide, with coverage of two dozen suppliers, and a discussion of issues to consider when selecting an XBRL service provider or solution.

Critical questions include the amount of time required, how much XBRL you need to learn, as well as cost and a vendors history.
2011 XBRL Buyer's Guide Checklist

Companion to the Buyer's Guide, a checklist to assist with vendor selection. Each business is different, each filers needs are different - the checklist helps you pick the solution most appropriate to your needs.

Inside Track with Broc (

a conversation with Broc Romanek of the Corporate Counsel, discussing:
  • What phase of XBRL recently took effect?
  • What implementation issues are smaller companies facing now?
  • What can smaller companies do to overcome these issues?
  • How does raas-XBRL help clients overcome these issues?