Reducing Resources

There are different resources that you will need to commit, and in different volumes. After all, making the XBRL problem "go away" is fundamentally a factor of cost, reflected in:

1. Internal time

2. External consultant time
3. Software (internal or external)
4. Re-work risk (and thus time & cost)

raas-XBRL if absolutely confident that the combination of those three, through us, will be lower than the same combination with any other vendor or solution. Sure, we've been undercut on price, but at the cost of a massive investment of time on the part of the filing company.

Putting some  numbers around that:

1. Client time for the first first 10Q will averages around 4 hours total
2. External consulting time is not requried as an "extra" unless you choose exteranl project management or QA.
3. We take care of the software license as part of our fee.
4. Our process ensures that your final numbers and text are the final numbers and text use to create your XBRL.

Talk to us about how our "Full Service" solution actually saves you time (oh, and money).