Reducing complexity

Make no mistake, XBRL is a complex standard. But production of XBRL for the SEC does not need to be a complex exercise. raas-XBRL has developed and implemented a process that strips out the complexity.

After all, you've already put in all the hard work to produce your 10K/10Q. Why should this be so complex. The production of a report should not be as complex as the production of the data that goes into the report. I cannot count the times I've heard someone say "What is so special about our financials that it will take 80 hours to convert it to XBRL?"

The good news is that with us, it takes only a fraction of that time. We have invested in a process that takes away the complexity. Basic process steps, reviews and finally XBRL production. Easy really.

We expect our "average" client to spend less than 3 - 4 hours in total review time for their first 10Q and first 10K.

Our process is designed to minimize interventions in your designates' already busy schedule, and to maximize the power of the software and our professionals' knowledge. Our primary objective is to provide you with high quality SEC-ready XBRL at a reasonable price, and with minimal disruption.

We're ready to tell you more about our process and how, coupled with state of the art software, it radically reduces the effort involved in the production of SEC-ready XBRL, saving you time and money.

that's taking the complexity out of XBRL

Talk to us about how are "full service" takes the complexity out of your XBRL production.