Reduce the Cost
How doe we reduce the cost? Simple, we radically the reduce the total time required, while using state of the art software and a streamlined process.

On the raas-XBRL blog we asked "Is XBRL expensive?" The answer is, Yes it really can be - very expensive. Then in a follow on article we talked about what are the cost components of XBRL, and we've asked the question "Why is XBRL so expensive?".

Fundamentally when a service provider tells you that they will need to spend from
80 to 125+ hours (plus YOUR time), then it does become expensive.

Basically, cost come down to time and software. The more time, the more cost. The less effective the software, the more time.

We believe that XBRL production should be an order of magnitude less time consuming. And that translates into lower cost.

raas-XBRL, using state-of-the-art software and a well honed process, is able to dramatically reduce the total cost of XBRL production.