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SEC-ready XBRL

Preparation of SEC-ready XBRL

We will produce SEC-ready XBRL documents that are "the same" as your 10Q and 10K filings, as required by the SEC's final rule 33-9002. We will use your previous filings to create the template for each filing.  Upon provision of final figures and text from you, we will provide you with the XBRL documents for you to file directly or to provide to your filing agent, and for you to post on your website as required by the SEC’s final rule.

We will also provide you with an "auditor-ready" pack of documentation to allow your internal or external auditors to review the XBRL produced and the preparation process to the extent that you require. This "auditor-ready" pack will include evidence of a successful SEC test-filing of the XBRL documents.

Each step through the process will be completed with a mutual sign-off. We will impose a minimum time burden on your staff, primarily to confirm mapping, extension descriptions and document review and sign-off.  Final figures will be incorporated into the XBRL documents based on a mutually agreed schedule for the provision of final figures and text.