Effective Governance  requires attention across the enterprise.
Policy Framework

Policy forms the documented construct of the organization's authorised and required behaviours. The framework for policy includes the structure and rationale for the set of policies, and provides guidance on development, implementation and monitoring of performance against policy. Each organization is different, but from a policy perspective, there are common attributes that contribute to effective corporate governance. The Policy Framework ensures these are understood and agreed by appropriate authority.

Policy Development

So often policies look the same, company to company, yet they shouldn't. Certainly there are commonalities, but each company operates in certain industries and in certain markets. Policy needs to be tailored to the needs of the business and markets. DFAs (Delegations of Financial Authority) are a classic example of a policy that should be tailored to the needs and limitation of the business. Policy must also be widely communicated and easily understood, and linked to achievement of organisational objectives.
Strategy Planning Process

Boards are responsible for the development and setting of strategy and direction, and monitoring Executive Management's execution of strategy. The Strategic Planning process must be streamlined and effective, and must link to the three-year business planning process. GRMSi assist clients in the development and execution of their Strategic Planning process, and their business planning.