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Our Philosophy

At GRMSi we understand that succeeding in business is becoming increasingly difficult: heightened competitive pressure is cutting into profit margins, but with an ever-changing technology and regulatory landscape, companies can find themselves side-tracked from what should be their primary focus: doing business.  Governance, Risk Management,  Internal Audit, and Anti-bribery and corruption disciplines can be complex. Managing these strands effectively can divert valuable time and resources away from a company’s core competency.  In order to succeed, companies need to excel in their core business, and without focus excellence is unattainable. 


At GRMSi have made simplification of the relationship a core competency. We are dedicated to providing our clients with cost-effective services of the highest order; this is our core business and we excel at it.  


Client satisfaction is what drives us, and excellence permeates every aspect of what we do.  Our philosophy is that all participants must be fully satisfied with the experience as well as with the result.  We regard client relationships as all important.

 Deliver Quality

We deliver quality. Professional, comprehensive processes and use of experts only, with peer review by other experts are the cornerstones of our business and underpin the confidence we have in our ability to deliver results to our clients.