About GRMSi

GRMSi (Governance and Risk Management Services international) is exactly what it says; a boutique consultancy delivering a range of services to Boards and senior management across a range of industries. We are international, and have delivered projects on 6 continents and in over 20 countries.

Meet the Team

At GRMSi, we are proud of a team of strategic level consultants and operational management who bring decades of experience each. Each member of our team is an outstanding expert in their field, with experience in large, medium and smaller organisations, across numerous countries and regions. Our senior team are a highly-skilled set of entrepreneurs who bring strong, dynamic leadership to the company.

 Daniel Roberts

Daniel is responsible for the overall strategic development of the company including strategic alliances, market penetration and customer engagement. Daniel has over 30 years experience in Risk Management, Internal Audit and Innovation, Information Systems Audit, Information Technology, Consulting in E&E, Corporate Governance and XBRL. An internationalist, UK resident, with New Zealand permanent resident visa, Belgian nationality, Daniel has experience across the world. Daniel has worked in North America, New Zealand and the UK, and has undertaken assignments in Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE and France, and has been a UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Approved Person.

Daniel also serves as the Group Head of Risk for a UK (Guernsey, Gibraltar, UK) insurance company.

 Peter Bonsich Peter is o
ne of the UK’s leading advisors on risk governance in financial services and corporate sectors.  He works with boards of directors and senior executives on improving their governance processes around risk and assurance, and on enhancing and protecting corporate reputation.In a major report in late 2010, part-funded by the UK Government, Peter looked at the data and information management requirements for effective supervisory control of systemic risk in global banks.  This work, which covered all aspects of the systemic risk debate, predicated on the requirement to ensure high quality data and meaningful information for evaluation of systemic risk and individual firms’ contributions to overall systemic risk. From 2008 – 2009, he was a partner a UK corporate governance advisory firm, and was managing director of a London-based risk and assurance consultancy from 2002 to 2005. His earlier experience includes senior roles in investment banking, telecommunications, insurance and banking firms, and is a former micro economist for NZ Treasury.  He has advised companies in UK and Europe, South Asia and East Asia, Australasia and North America. Peter has a post-graduate degree in international relations.  He is a Fellow of the Securities & Investment Institute and sits on their Advanced Operational Risk Advisory Panel.  He is a regular contributor to debates on governance, risk and control in the UK and Europe.

 Ray Flynn
Ray Flynn is an anti-bribery, corruption and fraud consultant. He has played a leading role in developing and overseeing the ethics programmes of two global engineering companies and supported another in developing and implementing an anti-bribery framework for its worldwide operations.  He has also carried out fraud risk assessments and a fraud investigation in recent years. This experience has seen him working throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia, and he has carried out long-term assignments in Italy, Turkey, Oman and Jordan.  His expertise is in bribery, corruption and fraud risk assessment, bribery and corruption training, due diligence and supporting clients in developing and reviewing general ethics programmes.  He has experience of dealing with a global funding agency in a Voluntary Disclosure Programme.

Ray is an engineer, having qualified with a first class degree, and is also a qualified scientist.  He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Member of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM).  He sits on the Audit and Risk Committee of the IRM and recently carried out a bribery risk assessment of the Institute's activities worldwide.  He was a contributor to a joint IRM/CMA guide to Competition Law Risk and the main author of a joint IRM/Transparency International guide to Bribery Risk.  He is the Institute's spokesperson on bribery and corruption. He is a life member of the UK chapter of Transparency International and a member of the Institute of Business Ethics. Ray's first language is English and he also speaks Italian.