About GRMSi

GRMSi (Governance and Risk Management Services international) is exactly what it says; a boutique consultancy delivering a range of services to Boards and senior management across a range of industries. We are international, and have delivered projects on 6 continents and in over 20 countries.

Management Team

At GRMSi, we have a team comprised of experienced and highly-skilled Strategic Planning, Governance and Risk Management professionals as well as pioneers and thought leaders from the XBRL community.  We have made reducing the complexity in the SEC mandate for XBRL our mission.  The reason our service is second-to-none is because so are our people.  We never compromise on quality, in any aspect of our business.

Our Philosophy

At GRMSi, we understand that compliance is both time-consuming and complex, which is why we have developed a structured and simple solution to relieve you of the burden of XBRL preparation for the SEC.  We firmly believe in the importance of compelling customer service, focusing on quality and never compromising on results.  We deliver all of this, and at a price you can afford.


At GRMSi we believe that solid relationships are at the heart of any successful business.  We partner where appropriate, but only with partners for whom we have the greatest respect. Where experts are not direct members of our team, we partner with number of specialists across the Governance, Risk Management, and Internal Audit profession to deliver the right teams of the engagement.