Effective Governance & Risk Management are the cornerstones of delivering sustainable shareholder value

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Are Optimal governance and operational structures in place? Are Boards and subsidiary Boards independent? Have the right policies been developed, approved, communicated and embedded? Are committees operating effectively, with the management information required to enable achievement of mission? Are we structured optimally, with silos or bottlenecks known and contained?


No business can prosper without risk. The trick is to understand the risk environment and associated controls and mitigations, all within a clear framework of owners and key stakeholders' Risk Appetite. How is risk defined, monitored, managed and most importantly, foreseen., How is ownership of risk reinforced throughout the organization? Who is "accepting" risk, are do they have the appropriate authority?


Every organization has a system of internal controls; some however are more robust and effective than others. Internal Audit (IA) provides both confirmation that high risk areas are effectively controlled, and provides guidance on the design and implementation of effective controls. Of course, sometimes that means that IA must, with diplomacy, deliver difficult messages or deal with difficult people.